Cider Press Saturday

Cider Press Saturday

October 17, 2019
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2nd November 12:00 – 16:00 – Cider Press Saturday!

We’ve got local cider expert Jon Prockter bring all his equipment to help us convert Norton Lindsey’s surplus Apples into drinkable products. Jon is volunteering his time and equipment as a former Snitterfield resident and New Inn drinker, so please pop down to support.

Everyone is encouraged to get involved with the washing, chopping and pressing and learn how to make fresh juice.

Those donating apples are welcome to take some home, but you’ll need to bring your own containers. All surplus juice will be stored in the pub, with the aim of selling our home brew in May 2020.

Apple Donations Needed! – The event will only be a success if we have enough Apples. Please help the pub and bring along any spare Apples you have, no obligation to get involved with the making, but your donations are very welcomed. If you have a lot of Apples and need some help collecting/transporting them please let Danny know and we’ll try and help.

Apple Donating Guide – To help facilitate this, there will be two large bags setup in the garden for Apple donations to be left in. One bag for Cooking Apples and the other for Eating Apples. We need 75% Eating Apples and 25% Cooking to ensure a good taste, so please prioritise your eater!

The apples need to be relatively fresh therefore we are only looking for Apples that have fallen from the tree between 19th October and 2nd November. Apples that have fallen from the tree before this date will be too acidic and not good for the flavour.

Please do not worry about bruised or bashed Apples – this is not a problem, we’re after the juice. Part of the process will be to check every Apple, so any that are too damaged will be removed.

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